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The World of Soul AwakeningA delightful fable on life, about growing up, getting lost, and finding your way home. The Garden is open for interpretation, allowing you to bring your own understanding and meaning to the story.

You are a dreamer awakening in the garden of your birth. Following a well trodden path, you meet and befriend the Flower of Life, and together travel through a magical landscape recapturing the wonderment and transcendent beauty of childhood. To complete your spiritual journey, to discover the secret of who you are, you must follow your heart’s desire and discover it takes greater courage to let go and free your soul than to hold on.

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“It is the beautiful illustrations of sacred geometry woven into Celtic patterns and nature’s gifts that makes this little book really special. The reader is taken through a love story of the soul and I could not help but think of that other great poem of love by Khalil Gibran, The Garden of the Prophet, as I read through these pages. This is a book to languish over in the quiet of your mind and can be used as an excellent tool for inspiration, illumination and opening of the heart.” —Elizabeth Peru, Insight Publishing

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Inspired by the Upanishads mystical teachings and the poetry of Zen and Taoism, Voyager is an inspirational and transformational work that speaks the ineffable truth of our existence — we are pure awareness at our centre, human in appearance.

Learning the art of awareness will help quieten the mind and still the moving waters of our emotional seas.
We stand at the bow of our ship. The sky is clear, the sea is calm…”Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find.”
—Walt Whitman

“These spiritually enlightening books help quiet the mind and open our hearts, teaching the unity of our universe through mystical storytelling, poetic prose and dazzling illustrations.” —Peliguin Publishing

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