World Soul Returning

Remembering We Are Pure Awareness

How do we restore our world back to her prime and pristine condition?

In the words of Carl Jung, ‘How can we return our light to the World Soul?’

The World Soul, known throughout antiquity as Anima Mundi and more commonly referred to as Gaia, Mother Earth, or the Feminine Essence, is what is lacking in the present way we see the world. We overemphasize the material worldview, conditioned into us through corporatism. These are the powers of the underworld, separating us from the light.

Yet dormant in our ignorance lay the sleeping ‘Sophia’, the goddess of wisdom and spiritual potential. According to sacred texts from India, Egypt and Sumeria, she is the soul of the world.

Finding life’s purpose is unveiling the light of the soul that shines within us. When our light is restored, it returns light to all of creation. Therefore, our real gift to the world is restoring our own light, bringing awareness of life’s purpose. 

When we set free the light within us, we release our light back into the world—we awake the World Soul, the Spirit of Gaia, by our own awakening. To heal and transform the world, is to invoke the magical and mysterious power hidden inside us.

The Garden

Journey to the world of soul

You are a dreamer awakening in the garden of your birth. Following a well trodden path, you meet and befriend the Flower of Life, and together travel through a magical landscape recapturing the wonderment and transcendent beauty of childhood.

We each have our spiritual journey, to discover the secret of who we are. We each must follow our heart’s desire.

There is A Quiet Place

where everything connects

and the soul


Restoring the Spirit of Gaia

Returning the World Soul is restoring the female essence back into the world, re-establishing spiritual intelligence, benevolent guidance, clear direction and, most importantly, true wisdom.

Between the words and images of Peliguin books lay a hidden place of magical meaning—The innermost and most secret numinosum (spiritual potential). Using poetic prose accompanied by beautiful art, allows space for quiet reflection, so the reader can experience, for themselves, the awakening of their own soul back into the world.


A Timely Allegorical Novel on Friendship, Acceptance, and Cooperation. 

Available Early 2022

When illustrator Peter Goodhope returns home to his childhood village of Nemeton, he soon discovers the charming, once peaceful countryside he so fondly remembers, maybe hiding something more maleficent.

Looking for inspiration to begin writing his book, unlikely allies enter Peter’s life in the form of woodland creatures, seeking his help to defeat evil poachers. Peter must enter their world, learn to speak their language, and lead the wandering band into an unearthly, climactic battle. 

Map of Nemeton
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A fable on life, on growing up, getting lost, and finding your way home. The Garden is open for interpretation, allowing you to bring your own understanding and meaning to the story.

A poetry book and meditation on life. Flowers are the essence of true beauty and love. Flowers bring us spiritual healing and deep joy. They help us celebrate meaningful moments throughout our lives.

Inspired by the ancient Upanishads mystical teachings and the poetry of Zen and Taoism, Voyager is an inspirational journey seeking out the ineffable truth of our underlying spiritual existence.

A children’s spiritual book based on a true story of a child’s compassionate act of charity toward a homeless and pregnant dog. Puri transcends language and culture, showing us that all we need is love and friendship.

World Soul Returning, Peliguin Books

Seeing the interconnectedness of life

Anima Mundi: World Soul Mandala
Anima Mundi World Soul Awareness Book
World Soul Awakening Anima Mundi Restoring Book
Children's World Soul Book

Is seeing the entire universe inside us

There is a place of peace

of pure awareness

where everything connects

in magic and mystery

Return of the Soul to the World

Find a Quiet Place to Read and Reflect